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GrillStation™ 5 Burner Gas Grill (84241R)

PRICE: $399.00



Excellent Grilling Flexibility

With four main burners and one side burner, the GrillStation™ Gas Grill offers a total of 53,000 BTUs and excellent grilling flexibility. To create different cooking zones, you can set two burners to a searing temperature and the other two burners to a lower heat. As you grill, you can use the side burner to cook or sauté an extra dish without having to go indoors. When food is ready, you have the added convenience of holding it on the warming rack above or plating it on the left shelf.

Smart, Wind-Shielded Surface

Every time you raise the hood while grilling, heat escapes. Even worse, the typical grill surface is especially vulnerable to wind and heat loss. To address this problem, GrillStation™ designers lowered the grilling surface to create a barrier against wind and cooler air. This smart, wind-shielded design helps keep the grilling surface as hot as possible, so you won’t waste extra time — and propane — adjusting the burners and checking the temperature as you grill.

Tachometer-Style Temperature Gauge

With this oversized 2.5” temperature gauge, you’re definitely on the road to better grilling. Mounted front and center, the extra-large gauge helps you keep a watchful eye over your grilling temperature, so you can adjust it up or down as needed. One glance at this large gauge and you’ll be able to see which temperature zone your grill is in: smoke, grill, or sear.

SmokeStation™ Wood-Chip Drawer

After soaking your wood chips in water, add them to this flavor-enhancing drawer. As you grill, the steam and smoke created by the wood chips will enhance your food with an authentic wood flavor. This unique smoker drawer eliminates the need to purchase a separate smoker box to get the smokey flavor everyone loves.

Warranty Protection & Customer Care

We’re confident in the durable construction and performance of the GrillStation™ Gas Grill. For your peace of mind, the grill comes with a 1-year warranty and the stainless steel burners are backed with a 5-year warranty. Best of all, your questions are supported by our toll-free call center located in the U.S. If something goes wrong or you need help, call and talk directly with our operators to receive prompt, friendly support. 

Product Features
Parts & Accessories
Use and Care Guides
    • Classic 4 burner (40,000 BTU) liquid propane gas grill with side burner
    • Black porcelain-enameled steel hood with polished stainless steel handle
    • Oversized temperature gauge makes it easy to watch and adjust your grilling heat more precisely
    • Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates are porcelain coated and built to last
    • Wood-chip smoker drawer lets you infuse extra flavor into food
    • 13,000 BTU side burner for additional cooking or sautéing
    • Each burner is equipped with push & turn piezo ignition system
    • Stainless steel burners and control panel
    • 598 sq. inches total cooking area  
    • Porcelain-enameled steel flavorizer bars
    • Black powder-coated steel cabinet
    • 26” wide x 17” deep firebox  
    • Superficie para cocinar de 594 pulg²
    • 53.000 BTU propano
    • Gaveta SmokeStation® 
    • Quemador lateral conveniente 
    • Medidor de temperatura extra grande
    • Superficie de la parrilla con protector de viento 
    • Sistema de encendido pulsador/giratorio
    • Rejilla de alambre para calentar recubierto en porcelana
  •   Name Quantity Price
    Rotissorie Kit SUB TO 84901 Out of Stock 49.99
    Electric Rotisserie (84901) 99.99
    Grease Cup Out of Stock 8.99
    Grease Cup Clip Out of Stock 3.99
    Back Panel Out of Stock 38.99
    Bezel, Smoke Station Tray Out of Stock 8.99
    Bezel, SmokeStation Out of Stock 20.99
    Bezel, Temperature Gauge Out of Stock 17.99
    Bottom Shelf Out of Stock 73.99
    Control Knob Out of Stock 8.99
    Control Panel Bracket Out of Stock 11.99
    Cooking Grate Out of Stock 44.99
    Cotter Pin Out of Stock 0.99
    Door Bracket Out of Stock 18.99
    Gas Valve, Main Burner Out of Stock 33.99
    Gas Valve, Side-Burner Out of Stock 30.99
    Hardware Pack Out of Stock 9.99
    Heat Diffuser (Flame Tamer) Out of Stock 17.99
    Igniter Wire, Side Burner Out of Stock 4.99
    Insulation Spacer Lid Handle Out of Stock 1.99
    Left Back Leg-Silver Out of Stock 24.99
    Left Door Out of Stock 61.99
    Left Frt. Leg- Silver Out of Stock 24.99
    Left Panel Out of Stock 51.99
    Left Side Shelf-Silver Out of Stock 49.99
    Left-Door Pin Bracket Out of Stock 3.99
    Lid Out of Stock 212.99
    Lid Handle Out of Stock 39.99
    Located Pin, Side Burner Out of Stock 4.99
    Logo Plate Out of Stock 22.99
    Magnet Out of Stock 3.99
    Magnet Box Out of Stock 3.99
    Main Burner Out of Stock 41.99
    Manifold Main Burner-W/O SSta Out of Stock 37.99
    Manifold, Side Burner Out of Stock 20.99
    Match Holder Out of Stock 1.99
    Match Holder Bracket Out of Stock 0.99
    Regulator Out of Stock 62.99
    Right Door Out of Stock 61.99
    Right Panel Out of Stock 43.99
    Right Side Shelf Support Out of Stock 4.99
    Right Side Shelf Wall Out of Stock 17.99
    Right Side Shelf-Silver Out of Stock 49.99
    Right-Door Pin Bracket Out of Stock 3.99
    Rotate Pin, Lid Out of Stock 4.99
    Rotate Rod,Side Burner Lid Out of Stock 4.99
    Rt. Back Leg- Silver Out of Stock 24.99
    Rt. Front Leg- Silver Out of Stock 24.99
    Side Burner Out of Stock 37.99
    Side Burner,Gas Pipe Out of Stock 25.99
    Side-Burner Base Out of Stock 18.99
    Side-Burner Grid Out of Stock 16.99
    SideBurner Lid-Silver Out of Stock 16.99
    Silicone Rubber Bumper Out of Stock 1.99
    Smoke Station Tray Handle Out of Stock 9.99
    Smokestation Tray Out of Stock 21.99
    Standard Caster, Left Front Out of Stock 30.99
    Swivel Caster w/Brake,L/R Back Out of Stock 35.99
    Swivel Caster, Right Front Out of Stock 19.99
    Tank Baffle Bar Out of Stock 25.99
    Tank Holder Out of Stock 8.99
    Temperature Gauge Out of Stock 14.99
    Tool Box Out of Stock 15.99
    ToolBox Bracket Out of Stock 9.99
    Warming Rack - Outdoor Grill Out of Stock 26.99

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