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GrillStation™ 5 Burner Gas Grill (84241)

PRICE: $399.99



Whether you consider yourself a traditional griller, an adventurous foodie, or simply love grilling with friends and family outdoors, we’ve got your grill.

The GrillStation™ 5 Burner Grill will enhance your grilling experience with its SmokeStation™ wood-chip drawer, perfect for giving steaks, chicken, ribs, and fish that authentic smokey flavor. It's also equipped with a push/turn ignition system and an oversized temperature gauge that's easy to read.

Product Features
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    • 5 Burner Gas Grill
    • 59,500 BTUs
    • 598 Square Inch Cooking Surface
    • SmokeStation™ Wood Chip Drawer with Burner & Flame Control: Perfect for giving steaks, chicken, ribs, and fish that authentic smokey flavor
    • Interchangeable Culinary Cooking Tray and Baskets: A must-have for seasoning, steaming, cooking, or light grilling, allowing you to experiment with different foods and flavors while grilling
    • Convenient Side Burner: Heat, sauté or boil an extra dish without having to go indoors
    • Push/Turn Ignition System: Simply push and turn for a quick start. Each burner works independently
    • Drop-Down Grill Surface: For wind resistance while lid is open
    • Porcelain-Coated, Cast Iron Cooking Grates: Built to last
    • Oversized Temperature Gauge: Easy to read with Smoke, Grill, and Sear zones 
    • Stainless Steel Handle

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  •   Name Quantity Price
    Rotissorie Kit SUB TO 84901 Out of Stock 49.99
    Back Panel 38.99
    Bezel, Smoke Station Tray 8.99
    Bezel, Smoker Station 21.99
    Bezel, Temperature Gauge 17.99
    Bottom Shelf 73.99
    Control Knob 8.99
    Control Knob, SmokeStation 10.99
    Control Panel 55.99
    Control Panel Bracket 11.99
    Cooking Grate 44.99
    Cotter Pin 0.99
    Culinary Basket 16.99
    Culinary Tray 16.99
    Door Bracket 18.99
    Firebox 171.99
    Gas Valve, Main Burner 33.99
    Gas Valve, Side-Burner 30.99
    Gas Valve, SmokeStation 31.99
    Grease Accumulate Panel 30.99
    Grease Cup Out of Stock 8.99
    Grease Cup Clip 3.99
    Hardware Pack 32.99
    Heat Diffuser (Flame Tamer) Out of Stock 17.99
    Igniter Wire, Side Burner 4.99
    Insulation Spacer Lid Handle 1.99
    Left Back Leg 20.99
    Left Door 61.99
    Left Panel 51.99
    Left- Side Shelf 45.99
    Left-Door Pin Bracket 3.99
    Left-Front Leg 18.99
    Lid 212.99
    Lid Handle 39.99
    Located Pin, Side Burner 4.99
    Logo Plate 22.99
    Magnet 3.99
    Magnet Box 3.99
    Main Burner 41.99
    Manifold, Main Burner 31.99
    Manifold, Side Burner 20.99
    Match Holder 1.99
    Match Holder Bracket 0.99
    Regulator 62.99
    Right Door 61.99
    Right Panel 43.99
    Right Side Shelf Support 4.99
    Right-Back Leg 21.99
    Right-Door Pin Bracket 3.99
    Right-Front Leg 20.99
    Right-Side Shelf 40.99
    Right-Side Shelf Wall 14.99
    Rotate Pin, Lid 4.99
    Rotate Rod,Side Burner Lid 4.99
    Side Burner 37.99
    Side Burner Lid 14.99
    Side Burner,Gas Pipe 25.99
    Side-Burner Base 18.99
    Side-Burner Grid 16.99
    Silicone Rubber Bumper 1.99
    Smoke Station Tray Handle 9.99
    SmokeStation Burner Out of Stock 14.99
    Smokestation Tray 21.99
    Standard Caster, Left Front 30.99
    Swivel Caster w/Brake,L/R Back 35.99
    Swivel Caster, Right Front 19.99
    Tank Baffle Bar 25.99
    Tank Holder 8.99
    Temperature Gauge 14.99
    Tool Box 15.99
    ToolBox Bracket 9.99
    Warming Basket Bracket 15.99
    Warming Basket Bracket 15.99
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