The Hamilton Beach Family of Products

What is Good Thinking®?

It's the brainpower behind our family of products. This is what sets us apart from other brands. Hamilton Beach® products are thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. Whether it's preparing delicious meals, tasty beverages or making your clothes look their best, you can count on the brand that designs products with you in mind. Hamilton Beach® ... American innovation for over 100 years.

Allergen Reducers.
Allergen Reducers
Fight irritating allergens in your home or office.
Powerful, attractive blenders for every kitchen.
Can & Jar Openers.
Can & Jar Openers
Essential, easy-to-clean tools for your busy life.
PRICES: $16.99 to $37.99
Citrus Juicers.
Citrus Juicers
Enjoy the flavor and nutrition of citrus juice.
Looking for a great deal?
PRICES: $2.99 to $17.99
Coffee Grinders.
Coffee Grinders
Hands-free operation and precise measuring add up to the perfect grind.
PRICES: $14.99 to $29.99
Coffee Makers.
Coffee Makers
Classic and modern coffee brewers—and everything in-between.
Commercial Products.
Commercial Products
Serious tools for serious cooks.
PRICES: $210.00 to $954.00
Deep Fryers.
Deep Fryers
Splatter-free and adjustable for fast, clean, and easy frying.
PRICES: $39.99 to $49.99
Drink Mixers.
Drink Mixers
Relive the good old days with quick, thick shakes at home.
PRICES: $39.99 to $48.99
Electric Kettles.
Electric Kettles
An easy, attractive way to heat water in no time.
PRICES: $24.99 to $49.99
Electric Knives.
Electric Knives
Indispensable tools for professional-looking slices
PRICES: $26.99 to $29.99
Espresso Makers.
Espresso Makers
Enjoy authentic, café-quality beverages at home.
PRICES: $89.99 to $89.99
Food Choppers.
Food Choppers
Compact, affordable electrics chop and mince in a flash.
PRICES: $24.99 to $29.99
Food Processors.
Food Processors
Reduce prep time with powerful, easy-to-use products.
PRICES: $34.99 to $79.99
Hand Blenders.
Hand Blenders
Easy, comfortable blending right in the glass, bowl or pan.
PRICES: $24.99 to $29.99
Hand Mixers.
Hand Mixers
Mix and whip with power, convenience and comfort.
PRICES: $22.99 to $59.99
Home Carbonation.
Home Carbonation
Never buy sparkling water or soda again.
PRICES: $6.99 to $59.99
Ice Cream Makers.
Ice Cream Makers
Delicious, fun and easy-to-make frozen treats.
PRICES: $16.99 to $49.99
Ice Pop Makers.
Ice Pop Makers
Creative, tasty fun for the whole family.
PRICES: $16.99 to $16.99
Ice Shavers.
Ice Shavers
Make tempting icy treats and frozen drinks at home.
PRICES: $16.99 to $29.99
Iced Tea Makers.
Iced Tea Makers
Enjoy refreshing iced tea anywhere, anytime.
PRICES: $24.99 to $34.99
Indoor Grills.
Indoor Grills
Fill your plate with the best grilled flavor.
PRICES: $54.99 to $54.99
Comfortable, efficient options in every style.
Juice Extractors.
Juice Extractors
Fresh, healthy fruit and veggie juices.
PRICES: $39.99 to $79.99
New Products.
New Products
New products to make life that’s Good Thinking®
PRICES: $24.99 to $449.00
Stylish, space-saving countertop cooking.
Popcorn Poppers.
Popcorn Poppers
Pop a bowl before the movie starts.
PRICES: $34.99 to $34.99
Slow Cookers.
Slow Cookers
Perfect for entertaining at home or taking on the road.
Stand Mixers.
Stand Mixers
Dependable and quick hands-free mixing.
PRICES: $44.99 to $44.99
TrueAir® Air Purifiers.
TrueAir® Air Purifiers
Reduce dust, smoke, pollen, and other allergens.
PRICES: $4.99 to $79.99
TrueAir® Odor Eliminators.
TrueAir® Odor Eliminators
It's easy to make life smell fresh again.
PRICES: $4.99 to $29.99
Waffle Makers.
Waffle Makers
Fluffy, right-from-the-baker Belgian waffles.
PRICES: $24.99 to $59.99
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