Slow Cookers

Perfect for entertaining at home or taking on the road.

Hamilton Beach® Slow Cookers take the convenience of slow-cooked dishes a giant step further. Several models of slow cookers, such as the Stay or Go® Slow Cooker, address one of your greatest concerns—getting your finished dish to a potluck or party without messy spills.

Even if you typically use your slow cooker at home, you'll be impressed by the attractive design, easy-to-use features and simple dishwasher cleanup that a Hamilton Beach® Slow Cooker offers you.

All Slow Cookers.
All Slow Cookers
Home-cooking without the fuss.
PRICES: $13.00 to $89.99
Stay or Go® Slow Cookers.
Stay or Go® Slow Cookers
The no-spill, traveling slow cooker.
PRICES: $24.99 to $69.99
Programmable Slow Cookers.
Programmable Slow Cookers
Smart slow cookers keep food warm until you're ready.
PRICES: $29.00 to $89.99
3-in-One Slow Cookers.
3-in-One Slow Cookers
A home-cooked meal no matter who can — or can't — make it to dinner.
PRICES: $69.99 to $69.99
7 & 8 Quart Slow Cookers.
7 & 8 Quart Slow Cookers
Create effortlessly delicious dinners.
PRICES: $39.99 to $49.99
6 Quart Slow Cookers.
6 Quart Slow Cookers
Impressive and easy, just right for a busy family.
PRICES: $13.00 to $89.99
5 Quart Slow Cookers.
5 Quart Slow Cookers
More flavor. Less planning and prep.
PRICES: $22.99 to $39.99
4 Quart Slow Cookers.
4 Quart Slow Cookers
Hot, easy, savory meals, without great time or energy.
PRICES: $24.99 to $69.99
Small Slow Cookers.
Small Slow Cookers
Small Slow Cookers are perfect for small families with big appetites.
PRICES: $19.99 to $69.99
Large Slow Cookers.
Large Slow Cookers
Large Slow Cookers make cooking a big, tasty meal a breeze.
PRICES: $13.00 to $89.99
Slow Cookers with Timers.
Slow Cookers with Timers
Slow Cookers with Timers are the ideal way for a busy family to slow cook a delicious meal.
PRICES: $29.00 to $89.99
Stainless Steel Slow Cookers.
Stainless Steel Slow Cookers
Our stainless steel slow cookers have a sleek, modern appearance that looks great in any kitchen.
PRICES: $24.99 to $59.99
Slow Cooker Tips.
Slow Cooker Tips
Reap the flavorful benefits and ease of slow cooking.
Designer Slow Cookers.
Designer Slow Cookers
Extra “oomph” for your kitchen.
PRICES: $19.99 to $39.99
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