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Blender Cleaning, Troubleshooting & Important Safeguards


How to Take Care of Your Blender

  • To make cleaning easier between batches, add two cups of warm water and a drop of dish detergent to the empty jar and pulse. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Wash the lid completely.
  • For the most sanitary cleaning, separate the cutting assembly from the jar (if removable) and wash in the dishwasher. All Hamilton Beach® cutting assemblies and jars are dishwasher safe.
  • To clean the blender base, wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge — never immerse the base in water. To remove stubborn spots, use a mild, non-abrasive cleanser.
  • For specific cleaning recommendations for your blender, refer to the Use & Care manual that came with it. If your manual gets misplaced, you can view or print another one online at and select the “Use and Care Guides” section.

Problem: Blender leaks.
Try This:
  1. Tighten cutting assembly on jar.
  2. Make sure lid with filler-cap is pushed down tightly on jar.
  3. Make sure the gasket is not damaged, twisted, or missing. If damaged, please call our customer service department to order a replacement.

Problem: Does not blend well.
Try This:
  1. Make sure enough liquid has been added. If mixture is too thick, continue to add liquid until mixture is blended to desired consistency. A minimum of 8-10 ounces (237-296 ml) is recommended for all full-size jars.
  2. Do not try to mash potatoes, mix stiff dough, whip egg whites, grind raw meat, or extract juices from fruits and vegetables. The blender is not made to perform these tasks.

Problem: Does not dispense or dispenses slowly.
Try This:
  1. Make sure the blender is ON and the dispenser lever is in the DOWN position.
  2. If solid food or an ultra-thick beverage will not dispense, pour from jar.

Problem: Dispenser leaks.
Try This:
  1. Make sure seal rings are in place on dispenser lever and spout.
  2. Make sure dispenser lever is in the UP position.

Problem: Cannot remove cutting assembly.
Try This:
  1. Loosen cutting assembly by holding jar and turning cutting assembly counterclockwise.

Problem: Blender jar won’t fit on base.
Try This:
  1. Make sure cutting assemblies are securely tightened to blender jar. If difficult to tighten, dampen cutting assemblies first, then securely tighten to blender jar.

Important Safeguards
When using electric appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:
  • To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put cord, plug, or base in or near water or other liquid.
  • Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
  • Unplug from outlet when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning.
  • Avoid contact with moving parts.
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug, or after the appliance malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Call our toll-free customer service number for information on examination, repair, or electrical or mechanical adjustment.
  • The use of attachments, including canning jars, not recommended or sold by the appliance manufacturer may cause risk of injury to persons.
  • Do not use outdoors.
  • Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces, including the stove.
  • Keep hands and utensils out of container while blending to reduce the risk of severe personal injury and/or damage to the blender. A rubber spatula may be used but must be used only when blender is not running.
  • Blades are sharp; handle carefully — especially when assembling, disassembling, or cleaning the inside of the blender jar.
  • Do not use a broken, chipped or cracked blender jar.
  • Do not use broken, cracked or loose cutting blades.
  • Always operate blender with the lid in place. Regardless of how snug the lid feels, you should hold it down with your hand while the motor is on.
  • When blending hot liquids, remove the filler-cap from the center of the lid or open the mess-free spout. Hot liquids may push lid off jar during blending. To prevent possible burns: do not fill blender jar beyond the 3-cup (750 ml) level. Remove the filler-cap or open the mess-free spout, and with the protection of an oven mitt or thick towel, place hand on top of lid and hold down while blending. Keep exposed skin away from lid. Start blending on the lowest speed setting.
  • Do not leave the blender unattended while it is operating.
  • This appliance is intended for household use only. Use for food or liquids only.
  • WARNING! Shock Hazard: This appliance has a polarized plug (one wide blade) that reduces the risk of electrical shock. The plug fits only one way into a polarized outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the plug by modifying the plug In any way or using an adaptor. If the plug does not fit, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, have an electrician replace the outlet.
  • The length of the cord used on this appliance was selected to reduce the hazards of becoming tangled in, or tripping over, a longer cord. If a longer cord is necessary, an approved extension cord may be used. The electrical rating of the extension cord must be equal to or greater than the rating of the appliance. Care must be taken to arrange the extension cord so that it will not drape over the countertop or tabletop where it can be pulled on by children or accidentally tripped over.
  • If the cutting blades lock and do not move, it will damage the motor. Do not use. Call the toll-free customer service number for information.
  • Do not place blender jar in the freezer filled with food or liquid. The contents may freeze and may result in damage to the cutting blades, jar, blender and possibly result in personal injury.

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