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Smoothie Smart™ Blender (56205)

The Smoothie Smart™ Blender delivers on the blending performance people ask for most, instead of piling on a lot of expensive features they don’t need. Aside from affordability, what do people want most in a blender? They want to make a perfect smoothie. They expect drinks and pureed mixtures to come out smooth every time. And last but not least, people would like to pour into a glass without making a mess.

Until the Smoothie Smart™ Blender, doing all those things — and doing them well — was a hit-or-miss proposition. Not anymore. The Smoothie Smart™ Blender prepares a perfect smoothie with the press of a button: Auto Smoothie. This 45-second smart blending cycle is programmed with the precise pulses and speeds needed to get the job done right. At the end of the cycle, the blender shuts off automatically.

To create a smooth texture every time, the Smoothie Smart™ Blender is equipped with the Wave~ Action® System patented by Hamilton Beach. During blending, the Wave~ Action® System is specifically designed to pull the ingredients down into the blades, so there is no need to stop and stir the mixture.

The Smoothie Smart™ Blender doesn’t stop there. Its patented no-mess spout directs contents into the cup instead of dripping down the sides of the jar or all over the kitchen counter. For easy cleanup afterwards, any stickiness on its smooth touchpad is quickly wiped away and its cord stores neatly out of sight.

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    • Lets you blend the perfect smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dessert
    • One touch of the Auto Smoothie button activates the smart, 45-second blending cycle with pulsing action to crush ice, low-speed mixing and high speed for final smooth results
    • When your perfect smoothie is ready, the Smoothie Smart™ Blender automatically shuts off, preventing over-blending
    • Equipped with 5 blending functions including pulse, ice crush, mix and puree
    • Ice Sabre™ blades and 700 watts of peak power provide excellent ice-crushing performance
    •  40 oz. patented Wave~Action®: glass jar won’t absorb food odors, stain or scratch
    • Patented no-mess pouring spout eliminates drips and dribbles
    • Easy-clean smooth touchpad
    • Dishwasher safe jar, blades and lid
    • Cord storage area underneath base
    • Durable motor is life-tested to blend 8,000 frozen drinks
    • Your purchase is confidently backed by a 3 year warranty



    Making Smoothies
    With the Smoothie Smart™ Blender, making a perfect smoothie is a simple matter of adding ingredients to the jar, pressing a button, and walking away. There’s no need to stop and watch the blender. Smoothie Smart™ Blender is programmed to blend with the ideal combination of pulses and speeds to create perfect results. When your smoothie is finished, it shuts off to prevent over-blending.

    Blending Milkshakes and Icy Drinks

    Besides making a perfect smoothie, the Smoothie Smart™ Blender is also an expert at blending milkshakes and icy drinks. For milkshakes, add milk and ice cream to the jar and press the mix/milkshake button for 5 to 10 seconds. To blend icy drinks, add liquids first, then ice cubes. Press the puree/icy drink button for 45 seconds or press pulse/ice crush five times, then press puree/icy drink for 45 seconds.

    Crushing Ice
    The Smoothie Smart™ Blender has the power to crush ice perfectly, but for the best results, follow these tips. Always crush ice immediately after removing it from the freezer and ensure that ice cubes are separated. To crush ice, add 1 cup (250 ml) of ice cubes to the Smoothie Smart™ jar, place the lid on top and pulse, allowing the blades to come to a complete stop between pulses. Continue until the ice is crushed to your desired consistency.

    Blending Hot Liquids The Smoothie Smart™ Blender is great for blending hot soup and pureeing cooked vegetables. To create one of these smooth, velvety mixtures, add liquids to the jar first, then solid ingredients. Start blending at the lowest speed, taking care to hold the lid with an oven mitt.

    Chopping Food In many cultures, blending salsa and dip is a daily activity. Prepare for chopping these and other mixtures by cutting food into small pieces so it can circulate around the blades. Use a gentle pulsing action, waiting for the blades to stop between pulses. If needed, stop blending and redistribute ingredients in the jar before you continue.

    Tips & Care

    If your recipe calls for liquid and ice cubes or solid ingredients, always add the liquid first. For the best performance, the minimum amount of liquid needed per recipe is one cup (8 oz/250 ml). Add more liquid if your mixture it is not blending properly. To add liquid, food, or oil for dressing while blending, lift the vent lid. While the Smoothie Smart™ Blender is powerful, is not made to mix stiff dough, whip egg whites, grind raw meat, or extract juice from produce.

    • Potente triturado de hielo con cuchillas Sabre® patentadas para hielo
    • Vaso de vidrio de 40 oz
    • El batido perfecto en un toque
    • Presione una vez para un ciclo automático
    • Sistema Wave~Action® patentado para resultados suaves sin revolver
    • 5 funciones de licuado más pulsador
    • 700 Watt de potencia máxima
    • Exclusivo pico vertedor libre de salpicaduras
    • Tapa, cuchillas y vaso resistente al lavavajillas
    • Motor perdurable - probado rigurosamente para licuar 8000 bebidas heladas
    • Panel de control táctil fácil de limpiar - los derrames se limpian con un paño húmedo
    • Compartimiento para cable
    • 3 años de garantía
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