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FAQs: Blenders

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  • Can I crush ice in my blender, even if I don’t have the "ice crush" feature?

    Yes. Always cover ice with a liquid and process in small batches, using the highest speed available, and pulse until satisfied with texture.

  • Can I chop dry ingredients in my blender?

    Yes. Always process in small batches and Pulse on and off (limiting run time) until mixture is at its desired texture.
    Helpful Hint: Stop and shake or stir container often.

  • Can I blend dry rice and beans in my blender?

    Yes. You can blend rice and beans in the blender to make flour. We recommend that you limit the quantity to 2 cups or less at a time.

  • How do I process raw vegetables?

    Process in small batches.

    • Cut food into small pieces and drop in container
    • Cover with cool water
    • Use the High speed and pulse, shake or stir often
    • Drain
  • Are there recipes available?


  • I have a blender with a dispensing spout. What is the best way to dispense thicker items?

    Turn motor on low and allow to run while dispensing.

  • What is the container made of?

    Styrene or glass

  • What are the blades made of?

    They are made of stainless steel.

  • What is the gasket made of?

    The gasket is made of EPDM rubber. It is made from material approved for food contact by the FDA, Food & Drug Administration, and by NSF, National Sanitary Foundation.

  • Can I change the motor clutch?

    >No. Internal parts (for your safety) are not available. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

  • What would make the motor smoke?

    A "smoking motor" is usually caused from  binding between the cutting unit clutch and the cutting assembly which connects to the motor. Unplug the blender and allow to cool.  Once the blender is cool, check the cutting assembly (see the Use and Care instructions for your model for a parts diagram) to see if the blades "spin freely." Be careful, the blades are sharp.  If the blades do not spin freely, the cutting unit needs to be replaced. Once the blender base (without container) is  cool, plug it in and turn it on to  see if it works properly. (If the unit was not turned off when the cutting unit locked, the motor could be damaged.)

  • Should my new blender smell during use?

    New units sometimes burn off excess varnish/oils from the manufacturing process. This is normal and the smell should go away. If the smell does not go away after the first couple of uses, discontinue using the blender.

  • Why does the container carry an odor?

    Depending on the type of ingredient, an odor may linger within the container; simply store the container without the lid.
    Helpful Hint: Rinse the container with a little diluted bleach and water solution.

  • What are the different options or speeds for?

    The speeds give flexibility in the amount of power allowed from the motor to satisfy a variety of blending applications.

    Helpful Hints:

    • Our Home Economist says that she uses High and Pulse for almost everything.
    • Replacement cutter assemblies can be purchased at many discount or department stores or through the Consumer Affairs group at 1-800-851-8900.
  • How much does the speed change (i.e. current, rpm) between each push button switches?

    On  350W – 6, 7, 8  and 10 speed blenders there is about 500 rpm difference between each consecutive button, and about 2500 rpm difference  from LO to HI. On 450W – 10, 12, 14 and 16 speed blenders there is about 300 rpm between each consecutive button, and about 2500 rpm difference from LO to HI.

  • Why is the Peak Power wattage higher on the carton then the wattage rating on the bottom of my blender?

    The blender pulls a higher wattage the first few seconds that it is turned on. This is Peak Power and is important because the first few seconds are the most strenuous on the motor.

  • What’s the best way to disassemble the jar for cleaning?

    Place the blender jar on the base and turn the handle counter clockwise to loosen.

  • Are any of the parts dishwasher safe?

    It differs among  models and types of material used for your specific blenders. It is best to check Use and Care manual, available on line at Never use your dishwasher’s Sani Cycle, it heats to extremely high temperatures and may damage  even dishwasher safe parts.

  • Are containers and cutting units dishwasher safe?

    The glass jar is top rack dishwasher safe. Dishwasher use may, however, cause the plastic container to "cloud." This is normal.
    The cutting unit is not dishwasher safe and should be washed with hot soapy water.
    Helpful Hint: While the container is dishwasher safe, for best long-term use and care you should hand wash and dry it.

  • Where’s the model, type and series number located?

    Model number, type number, series code and wattage information is located on the rating label.  The rating label is located on the bottom or rear of your blender motor housing. It may be found on a sticker or engraved into the plastic.

  • How do I determine the watts?

    The watts are determined by multiplying the amps by the volts.

  • What parts are replaceable?

    Jar, lid and filler cap.

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