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FAQs: Clothes Steamer

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  • What features does model 10083 have?

    Model 10083 has the following features: a folding handle for easy storage, dual voltage (120-240v), a handy travel pouch, and a grooming brush.

  • How do I attach and/or remove the brush?

    To attach: simply slide the brush on (do not be afraid, it will not break). To detach: simply slide the brush off, using your thumb for strength.

  • Where is the model and mfg. date located?

    The model and mfg. date is located under the handle. You must unfold the handle to see it.

  • How much water will the units hold?

    5 ounces (a little less than a 1/4 cup)

  • How do I change the voltage?

    Make sure the unit is unplugged. Insert a small screwdriver into voltage switch (on belly of steamer). For 120 volts, slide switch to the left. For 240 volts slide switch to the right. (If using the 240 volts, you must use an adapter plug.)

  • How do I unfold/extend the handle?

    Lift the handle release (see Use and Care booklet for part names; the handle release is a rectangular shaped knob) and turn one quarter turn, rotate handle clockwise to extend. Lock handle release with one quarter turn. To fold for storage, allow the unit to cool, lift the handle release and turn one quarter turn, rotate handle into folded position, and lock handle release with one quarter turn.

  • What is the round button for?

    Steam — press it about every 3 seconds.

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