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FAQs: Coffee Makers - BrewStation®

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  • My BrewStation does not seem to be pumping the water through, or it may start and stop. How can I fix this problem?

    Clean the unit with a decalcifier (like CLR), according to the instructions in your Use & Care guide (available online).  Most of the time, decalcification will correct the problem because the unit may just be clogged.

  • My BrewStation has started to dispense coffee more slowly than usual. How can I fix this?

    You may have a clogged screen in the bottom of the brew tank. Try using an old toothbrush to gently clean the mesh screen and rinse away the buildup.

  • Why is my BrewStation tank leaking?

    You may have buildup in the tank seal. Turn the brew tank upside down over the kitchen sink, then press the dispensing valve (on the bottom of the tank) and flush with water for 30 seconds.

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