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FAQs: Coffee Makers - The Scoop® Single-Cup Coffee Maker

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  • How do I get the best cup of coffee from my The Scoop® Coffee Maker?

    In order to get a great tasting cup of coffee:  Scoop coffee grounds directly into The Scoop® filter provided. For an 8oz. cup, scoop grounds to the first line mark in your scoop filter.  For up to a 14oz. cup, scoop grounds to the 2nd line mark (MAX) in your scoop filter.

    If you prefer to use a traditional coffee scoop method to get started, measure coffee in the following way:

    • 8-oz. cup = 2 tablespoons ground coffee
    • 14-oz. cup = 3 tablespoons ground coffee
    • To get the perfect taste you prefer, adjust measurements up or down accordingly.

    Please refer to your full Use and Care Guide for warnings, additional instructions, tips, and guidance on how to use this product.

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