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FAQs: Travel Adapters

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  • Explain the Foreign Voltage Adapter & Converter Set process.

    The adapter: The purpose of the adapter is to adapt the appliance with the correct plug to fit the foreign wall outlet, and for that reason, it can only be used with products that have dual voltage (120 & 220 volts). The adapter is for short-term use only (5 minutes at a time).

    To use the adapter:

    • Flip the appliance to the correct voltage (120 or 220)
    • Find the correct adapter plug for that country
    • Plug the appliance into the adapter
    • Plug the adapter into the outlet, ready for short term use

    The converter: The purpose of the converter is to convert 120 volts up to 220 volts, for that reason the converter can only be used on 120 volt appliances only, it will not convert a 220 volt appliance down to 120 volt. The converter is for short term use only (5 minutes at a time).

    To use the converter:

    First, check to see if the converter will plug into the wall outlet.

    • If it will:
      • Plug the appliance into the converter
      • Plug the converter into the wall outlet, ready for use.
    • If the converter will not plug into the wall outlet:
      • Find the correct adapter
      • Plug the adapter into the wall outlet
      • Plug the converter into the adapter
      • Plug the appliance into the converter, ready for short-term use.
  • If a converter is only for short term use, is there a product available for long term use?

    Yes, a transformer is for long term use. Currently HBPS does not offer transformers.

  • Can the adapters be used on electronic type products, such as computers?

    No, and do not use them on ALCI Ground Fault Interrupter outlets and/or reset buttons.

  • How long can I use the adapter at a time, and how long will it last?

    The adapters are designed for short-term (vacation) use. Short term can be defined as 5 minutes at a time. Although we can't estimate exactly how long the adapter will last, this product comes with a two year warranty.

  • What will happen if I use the adapter long term? (Long term can be defined as over 5 minutes daily)

    It will shorten the life of the adapter and the product.

  • Does the product need to have a certain wattage in order to use the adapter?

    Yes, the adapter can only be used on products with 50 - 1600 watts.

  • Why didn't the adapter fit the foreign wall outlet?

    Adapters are designed to fit the most current country electrical codes or electrical configurations. If the adapter did not fit, it's most likely because the wall outlet was obsolete. Contact Customer Service for an exchange or refund.

  • Can I purchase extra fuses?

    Yes, extra fuses can sometimes be found at local hardware stores, Radio Shack, and at some discount stores. The fuse is 10 amps, but it is best to simply take the fuse with you and compare size. The fuse is also sold through HBPS. Contact Customer Service.

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