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How to Choose a Blender


Important Considerations When Choosing the Blender

  1. First, consider whether you need a blender to “just get by” or you’re making a lifetime investment. That will help you determine the appropriate price range.
  2. A few simple considerations will help you decide between a blender jar made of glass or plastic. There are pros and cons to both. A glass jar is heavier, but it’s quieter and it does not discolor, scratch, or absorb food odors. A plastic jar is more lightweight and durable.
  3. Which size blender jar do you need? It depends on how many large batches of drinks or food you think you’ll make. Hamilton Beach® glass blender jars are available in 40 and 48 ounce sizes. Plastic jars generally come in a 48 or 56 ounce sizes.Or are you typically making smoothies for one or foods like salad dressing and salsa? If so, a 16 ounce single-serve blender might serve you best.
  4. Experts recommend that you consider a blender’s wattage before purchase. How is the wattage number measured? Wattage is determined by an Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) test. Peak power is the measure of the motor wattage during the first seconds of operation. Since this is when a blender requires the most power to do its job well (crush ice, frozen fruit, etc.), it’s a better measure of a motor’s power potential because it’s when blending power is needed most.

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