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How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker Mobile - How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

how to clean your coffee maker components

A hot cup of coffee straight from your coffee maker is the best way to get your day off to a great start. Make your morning cup as delicious as possible by avoiding weak and bitter coffee — create your coffee in a clean coffee maker.

While coffee makers may look clean on the outside, a study completed in 2011 by NSF International found coffee reservoirs to be among the top 10 germiest places in the home. In fact, about 50% of homes identified in the study were found to have coffee reservoirs with yeast and mold.

To make sure your next cup of coffee is free of yeast and mold (and your coffee maker is free of calcium and other mineral deposits that can build up over time), our experts in the Test Kitchen put together a guide on how to clean your coffee maker. The results will be a better tasting cup of coffee and a coffee maker that performs better, longer.

Whether you want to know how to clean a drip coffee maker, how to descale your coffee maker, or how to clean a specific model like our FlexBrew coffee maker, these tips will have you brewing a fresh pot of coffee in no time.how to clean your coffee maker with vinegar

How to Clean an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker with Vinegar
Mineral deposits from water and coffee residue can build up when you use your coffee maker over time. Both the flavor of your coffee can be affected by this build-up, as well as the performance of your coffee maker can be affected. The best way to restore your coffee maker's performance and descale your coffee reservoir is to regularly clean your brewer using a vinegar and water solution using the following steps.

  1. To clean and descale standard coffee makers, 2 cups (1 pint) of plain white vinegar into the water reservoir.
  2. Press the ON or BREW button. After 30 seconds, press OFF to stop the brewing process— this ensures the vinegar is in the components of the coffee maker and can get to work on descaling. Wait 30 minutes.
  3. Press ON again and complete the brewing process with the vinegar. Press OFF when finished.
  4. Run 2-3 more brew cycles with clean water only, allowing the machine to cool between cycles. This will ensure the vinegar is fully purged from the system.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker's Hot Platehow to clean your coffee maker's hot plate
If there are stubborn stains on the hot plate of your coffee maker, it's easy to clean! Just lay a wet paper towel over the cooled plate to soak until any stains are softened. Then, remove the paper towel and wipe clean.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker's Stainless Steel Exterior
Keep your coffee maker clean and shining like new with a quick wipe of a damp cloth in the direction of the metal grain. Then, buff it with a dry, soft cloth to achieve a brilliant shine.

How to Clean the 2-Way FlexBrew® Coffee Maker
From single-serve to a full pot of coffee, the 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker is an incredible machine that offers the ultimate brewing flexibility at home. But how do you clean your FlexBrew? Each side has it's own easy-fill water reservoir to clean— use these easy instructions to easily clean the components of your coffee maker.

Still wondering why it's important to clean your coffee maker regularly? Check out our 10 Reasons To Clean Your Coffee Maker.






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