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Iron Troubleshooting


PROBLEM: Won’t heat

  • Verify that the iron is plugged in and that the outlet is working
  • Is the Temperature Settings button set on a fabric setting?
  • Iron may have shifted to Auto Off (blinking red light). Push “settings” to restart and adjust to desired temperature.

PROBLEM: Water is leaking

  • Do not overfill the water tank
  • If steam ironing, answer these questions: Is Adjustable Steam dial in a steam position? Is the Temperature Dial in the Steam range? Did the iron have enough time to preheat?
  • If dry ironing, make sure the Adjustable Steam dial is in the dry iron/no steam position

PROBLEM: Won’t steam

  • Check the water level
  • Is the Adjustable Steam dial in a STEAM position?
  • Has the iron had enough time to preheat?

PROBLEM: Leaves spots

  • ALWAYS empty the water tank of an iron after using. Water left in the iron may discolor clothing and soleplate.

PROBLEM: Twisted cord

  • If the iron’s cord becomes twisted, unplug iron and let cool. Hold the iron cord in the middle of entire length. Let plug and cord dangle freely until cord uncoils. This will extend the life of your iron cord.

PROBLEM: Blinking red light

  • Iron shifted to Auto Off and will reheat when moved

PROBLEM: All lights blinking

  • Unplug iron, then plug back in to reset. Reselect the previous temperature setting. If all lights are still blinking, call Customer Service.
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