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Digital Simplicity™ 4-20 Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer (37541) Roll over image to zoom in

Digital Simplicity™ 4-20 Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer (37541)

PRICE: $49.99



Prepare restaurant-quality rice without waiting for water to boil or watching over a pot. The Digital Simplicity™ 4-20 Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer cooks perfect rice every time, but it does much more than that. Besides preparing all varieties of white and brown rice, the Digital Simplicity™ 4-20 Cup Rice Cooker steams food to perfection and cooks prepackaged pasta & rice mixes as well as nutritious, flavorful beans.

Owning the Digital Simplicity™ 4-20 Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer is like having your own personal chef who never makes mistakes or overcooks the rice. Just add ingredients, select the cooking function and let your expertly trained “chef” take over from there. Enjoy white and brown rice varieties from all over the world, healthy whole grains like oatmeal and barley and vitamin-packed lentil soup. A world of vibrant flavors is as easy as pressing a button! On days when you want to make cooking even simpler, take out your favorite rice or pasta mix and select the Heat/Simmer function.

Not only will the Digital Simplicity™ 4-20 Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer give you the confidence to expand your menu, it lets you come home to food that’s fully cooked. With its clever Delay Start timer, you have the flexibility to delay the cooking process up to 15 hours in advance. Set it up in the morning and your food will be ready when you get home. What could be easier than that?

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    • 4 to 20 cup cooked rice capacity (2 to 10 uncooked) gives you the flexibility to cook small or large amounts
    • Select the cooking function and it does the rest: preprogrammed functions take the guesswork out of preparation
    • DELAY START lets you prepare for cooking up to 15 hours in advance
    • WHITE RICE function for all varieties of white rice
    • WHOLE GRAIN function for brown rice and whole grains such as oatmeal and barley
    • Cook your favorite rice or pasta mix with the HEAT/SIMMER function or use it to prepare beans and soups
    • Automatically shifts to WARM when WHITE RICE, QUICK RICE, WHOLE GRAIN and HEAT/SIMMER cooking cycles are complete
    • Steaming tray for vegetables, dumplings and more
    • Nonstick removable pot and accessories are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup; lid liner may be removed to wash by hand
    • Includes measuring cup and rice paddle
    • Questions are supported by a toll-free call center located in the U.S.



    Effortless Cooking
    The Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker and Food Steamer has preprogrammed cooking functions to simplify cooking. There’s no need for you to worry about overcooking, watch over the stove or set a kitchen timer. When you cook using WHITE RICE, QUICK RICE, WHOLE GRAIN or HEAT/SIMMER, the Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker will adjust the cooking time automatically as needed based on the actual amount of food and liquid in the nonstick cooking pot.

    Easy White Rice, Quick Rice & Whole Grain
    All three functions are preprogrammed with the right amount of cooking time for each type of food, so there’s no need to consult the cooking directions on your rice bag or oatmeal box. As food cooks, the Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker senses food’s remaining moisture level and automatically adjusts the cooking time shorter or longer as needed. When cooking is complete, it automatically shifts to WARM.

    What’s Different About Heat/Simmer?
    HEAT/SIMMER is for preparing prepackaged rice and pasta mixes and is perfect for beans, soups and one-pot meals, too. It’s easy to use. Select the HEAT/SIMMER function and input how many minutes the contents need to simmer (found on the stovetop directions of your brand’s packaging). The Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker will automatically heat the water (or other liquid) to the right temperature and switch to simmer to finish cooking. When food is ready, it automatically shifts to WARM.

    How To Steam Food
    Want to serve a vegetable side dish or dumplings alongside your rice? Use the optional steaming basket. Simply fill the basket and add to the cooker toward the end of your rice cooking cycle or use it on its own. To use this convenient function, select STEAM COOK and input the COOK TIME from 1 to 30 minutes. The display will show ON during heating and the display will count down your set time once steaming has begun. Note: If the pot boils dry, a beep will alert you and the remaining time will begin flashing. To continue the STEAM COOK function, simply add more water within 3 minutes to resume steaming.


    Allowing rice to “rest” for approximately 5-10 minutes after cooking will yield better-tasting rice. Give your rice or vegetables a flavor boost by substituting broth for water. The more vegetables added to the steamer basket, the longer the steam time should be. Smaller pieces of vegetables will steam faster than large pieces.

    Dimensions (inches): 11.42 H x 11.3 W x 10.59 D

    • Amplíe su menú con platos perfectamente cocidos
    • Capacidad: 4-20 tazas
    • Seleccione la función de cocción, la olla hará el resto
    • Perfecto para arroz, frijoles, granos integrales y diferentes variedades de mezclas de pasta y arroz
    • Función exclusiva de calentado/cocción a fuego lento
    • También le permite cocinar al vapor un platillo de lado!
    • Cocina perfectamente y depués cambia automáticamente a la función de mantener caliente
    • Cesta vaporera para vegetales, albóndigas y más
    • Incluye taza medidora y paleta para arroz
    • Inicio con demora - programe la cocción hasta con 15 horas de anticipación

  •   Name Quantity Price
    Tray, Steamer 8.99
    Cooking Pot(20 cup,non stick) 12.99
    Cup, Measuring 7.99
    Paddle 7.99
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