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Energy Efficiency

A slow cooker is energy efficient. Not only does it cook with contained heat, but it only uses as much power as one and a half 100 watt light bulbs. So, even if you use it for 8 hours, energy costs are minimal.  And, unlike having the oven on, a slow cooker won’t heat up your kitchen.

Saving More at Home

Eating meals at home definitely has a positive impact on budgets, but an added surprise might be this additional reduction to your food bill. Since Slow cookers cook meat low and slow, you can buy less expensive, or even tough cuts of meat and they will cook to moist perfection.

Safety First

The thought of leaving the house with an appliance running is unsettling to some, but slow cookers are made to perform while you’re away. Because they run on low wattage and are designed to be left alone, it is safe to leave them on. However, be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never immerse the base of the slow cooker in water.




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