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Soda Jerk Jargon

Soda Jerk Jargon


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Mash One in the Hay

Muddy Bottom Baby
Fuzzy Chicago Bottom


The Scoop on Soda Jerk Jargon

Back when sipping on a straw at a soda fountain was a slow pleasure at the end of a long school day, the soda jerk was the clerk who made your order.  If you were cool, you ordered using soda jerk jargon.  If you said, "shake one van and mash it" you'd get a vanilla shake with mashed bananas. "Spit in it" meant raspberries were mixed in your drink, while "spit on it" let raspberries decorate the top. "Fuzzy" added peaches to the mix, "gravel" added nuts, and a request for "Chicago" added pineapple juice or soda.  Have some fun with more soda jerk jargon:

Baby - glass of milk
Bottom - ice cream in a drink
Bucket of - several ingredients combined
Cha - chocolate
Chicago - pineapple juice or soda
Cow juice - milk
Crash - cookie crumbs
Draw one - coffee
Draw one from the south - strong coffee
Forty-one - lemons or lemonade
Freeze - ice cream
Fuzzy - peaches
Gravel - nuts
Hot cha - hot chocolate
In the hay - strawberry milkshake
Java - coffee
Mash one - mashed bananas
Mud - chocolate ice cream
Natural - 7-Up®
One on the country - yogurt or buttermilk
Patch - strawberries
Sand - sugar
Shake one - milkshake (usually chocolate)
Spit in it - raspberries
Spit on it - raspberries on top
Squeeze one - orange juice
Van - vanilla ice cream
White cow - vanilla milkshake

Course: Beverages

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