The Vacuum Sealer Trifecta: How to Save Money, Time and Space

The Vacuum Sealer Trifecta: How to Save Mobile - The Vacuum Sealer Trifecta: How to Save
Why You Need a Vacuum Sealer
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Don’t throw away another piece of food – save it for later by vacuum-sealing it. A vacuum sealer quickly takes the air out of a bag and then heat seals it, creating an airtight, permanent seal that preserves freshness and prevents freezer burn.  There are multiple ways a vacuum sealer can help you save.

Not Just For Food

While a vacuum sealer is ideal for food storage, it’s useful for other household needs too – keep documents like birth certificates and passports safe in a vacuum-sealed bag. Going on an outdoor adventure? Make sure important items like batteries and bandages stay dry by vacuum-sealing them before you go.

Easy to Use

Vacuum-sealing is a quick step process of putting your food in a heat-seal safe bag, centering the open edge of the bag in the chamber, closing the lid and pressing a button.

Preserving fresh foods, bulk buys and leftovers is easy with the Hamilton Beach® NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer.  This easy to use vacuum sealer comes with two 11 in. x 20 ft. heat-seal rolls, 4 gallon-size and 6 quart-size heat-seal bags so you can get started right away.  It has an easy bag alignment with extra wide vacuum chamber to lock air out and keep freshness in.  The versatile controls allow you to vacuum and seal for traditional sealing or vacuum only for sealing of delicate foods.  Normal seal allows for dry food sealing and extended seal for moist foods.








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