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Which Iron Is Right For You?

Feature Facts

In general, look for an iron that feels comfortable in your hand. A lightweight iron is easiest to move and carry, so it could be recommended for college students or people who iron less often. If you’re someone who irons lots of clothes at once (a batch ironer) look for a full-size iron because it has the largest water capacity and soleplate. However, there are more things to consider:

Soleplate (flat part on bottom of iron)

  • Stainless Steel: Has a high shine and offers longevity
  • Nonstick: Easily glides on fabrics and doesn’t stick, even when using starch. However, it can scratch or peel over time.
  • Aluminum: This dull, gray metal is an excellent value for crafters, first-time or infrequent ironers
  • Durathon non-stick: Hamilton Beach exclusive soleplate material. Consists of 2 layers of ceramic which are covered with the Durathon non-stick coating.
    • 10 Times more durable than traditional non-stick irons
    • 10 year limited soleplate warranty
  • Ceramic: Hard surface, doesn't scratch, smooth and good glide. Not commonly found in the US.


  • Adjustable: Lets you choose the right steam for every fabric including synthetics
  • Blast or burst: A necessity for natural fabrics like cotton & linen
  • Vertical: For hanging clothes & drapes — no ironing board needed

Auto Shutoff

  • Standard: Turns an unattended iron off if it is left motionless for 60 minutes. If you leave the iron unattended, the auto shutoff feature will engage and you need to move the iron a bit (or press the reset button if it has one) to reheat the iron.
  • Position-Sensing: Shuts off in 30 seconds if iron rests on soleplate or side; shuts off in 10-15 minutes if iron rests on its heel


  • Standard: Low-cost basic option
  • Extra-Long: Reaches far-away outlets and around furniture
  • Retractable: Provides neat storage

Special Features (available only on select models):

  • Electronic temperature controls: Allow you to select your fabric/temperature using buttons that light up on the selected setting. In some irons, the light will blink as the iron heats up and remain lit when iron has reached the selected temperature.
  • Anti-drip: Keeps water from leaking onto clothes when iron is on a low heat setting (when it cannot generate steam)
  • Self-clean: Removes lint & minerals from steam holes to extend iron life

Questions & Answers
Q: Do you use a lot of steam when you iron?
A: Shop for an iron with a higher wattage rating and pay attention to how much water it holds and how easy it is to fill

Q: Do you use an iron for sewing, needlework, quilting or crafting?
A: If you leave your iron on for extended periods, consider an iron that doesn’t have automatic shutoff or has a “stay on” setting

Q: Do you often iron career clothes made with synthetic blends?
A: Garments like this are typically ironed on a low heat setting (refer to the label) so an iron with heavy steam and/or spray is not critical

Q: Do you have trouble holding heavy objects?
A: Choose a lightweight iron

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