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Which One Should You Buy?


Answer these simple questions to put yourself on the path to the perfect coffee maker.

1. Start with Capacity
Q: Are there more than two coffee drinkers at home?
A: Naturally your top pick would be a 10-12 Cup Machine. Unless you live in a sorority or fraternity house. In that case, you want a Coffee Urn that can serve up to 42 cups.

Q: Are you discovering lots of cold, leftover coffee in your 10-12 Cup Coffeemaker?
A: Scale down to a 4-6 Cup Coffeemaker — it makes enough coffee but not too much, so there’s less waste.

2. Think About Timing 

Q: Do you need lots of quick “fill-ups” when you’re busy?
A: Forget the carafe and skip the pouring. BrewStation® coffeemakers have easy, one-hand dispensing with no carafe, no pouring, and no spills.

Q: Are you in a hurry to get out the door Monday morning but relaxing at home on Sunday?
A: The Stay or Go® Custom Pair™ Coffeemaker gives you multiple ways to enjoy coffee. You can brew a different kind of coffee into each mug at the same time — the split basket makes two coffee drinkers happy at once. Or you can brew one kind of coffee into the 10 cup thermal carafe.

Q: Want to wake up to coffee that’s already made? Who doesn’t?
A: Choose a machine with a programmable clock/timer and you’ll be able to fill the machine with coffee and water the night before. Then like magic, it will brew coffee for you the next morning at the time you told it to.

3. Put Taste First 

Q: Does it take an hour or more to finish the pot of coffee at your house?
A: Take a look at our BrewStation® coffeemakers. They don’t have a hot plate that can turn coffee bitter if it sits too long.

Q: Is there more than an hour between when the first and last cup are poured?
A: Let each person make their own cup when they’re ready and it will taste fresher. The One-Cup coffee maker uses simple and delicious Melitta® coffee pods that are available in regular, decaf and a variety of blends and flavors.

Q: Are you tired of stale-tasting coffee?
A: Pick up a bag of fresh-roasted coffee beans and grind them yourself with these Coffee Grinders — it’s easy.

Q: Do you love the rich taste of espresso but are not feeling rich enough to buy it daily?
A: Make your own espresso at home and pocket the change. These Espresso Machines make it affordable and you’ll love the flavor.

These questions and answers shoud help you choose the right coffee maker for your kitchen.

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