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FAQs: Toaster Ovens

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  • Why is there no bell or tone to notify me that my toast is finished?

    There are various features for individual models. Some older models were not designed with a bell. Current models have a lever that pops up. The IntelliToast™ Toaster Oven/Broilers do have a "toast ready" tone.

  • Can you explain how to turn the rack over to have it in the high or low position?

    Open the door to remove the rack, flip it over, and re-install on the correct guides. For illustrations, consult your Use & Care guide.

  • What position should the rack be in for toasting, baking, or broiling?
    • Toasting bread and frozen pastries - UP
    • Toasting bagels and most baking - DOWN
    • Broiling requires use of pan and broiling rack in the UP position.(this feature found on selected models).
  • With what should I clean the pan and broil grid?

    Hand clean using hot soapy water per your Use & Care Guide. You can place the pan and broil grid in the dishwasher, but this will discolor it.

  • What is the wattage and voltage of the oven?

    This information is stated on the bottom of the product. It will vary by model.

  • How do you top brown when both elements are on?

    Since top browning is generally a quick process, the bottom elements will not affect the results.

  • Why are the knobs more difficult to turn on models O3005 and O3008?

    These are "manual models" and a characteristic of that design.

  • Which toaster ovens come with the pan and grid?

    The ovens with the broil feature include a pan and grid.

  • Why doesn't the door close tightly?

    There is a hidden spring that closes the door. If the tension in the spring has stretched, the door will not close flush with the unit.

  • What causes my oven to turn dark and around the control knobs?

    Some discoloration will occur through time and use of the product.

  • What are the external measurements?

    Our current models measure 16" wide, 11" deep, and 7-1/4" high across the widest points.
    Model 31410: 16" wide, 11" deep, and 9" high.

  • Can I use Pyrex® or glass baking dishes inside the oven?

    Most manufacturers of glass ovenware do not recommend using their product in any type of toaster oven.

  • Can I use aluminum foil in the oven?

    Yes, but do not allow it to come into contact with the heating elements. Do not use to cover the crumb tray.

  • What can I clean the inside of the oven with?

    Non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use oven cleaners.

  • Which elements should come on during the various settings?
    • Broil: top and bottom on some units; top only on others
    • Bake: top and bottom during preheat, then both cycle
    • Top Brown: top and bottom on some units; top only on others
    • Toast: top and bottom
  • What are the inside dimensions of the toaster oven?

    Our current models measure 11" wide, 9" deep, and 5" high.
    Model 31410: 11-1/4" wide, 9-1/4" deep, and 4" high.

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