Tips & Tutorials

Tips & Tutorials

Need to truss a chicken? Find an easy holiday DIY? Clean your coffee maker?

Find the how-to’s to these questions and more in our guides from the experts in the Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen.

10 Reasons To Clean Your Coffee Maker

10 Reasons To Clean Your Coffee Maker

Whether you’re buying coffee direct from a local roaster or buying a can of store bought coffee, it just tastes better if you’re brewing from a clean coffee maker [...]

Brew the Best: 5 Basics to Making the Best Coffee

Keep it Fresh: How to Store Coffee

Meal Madness: Slow Cookers vs. Rice Cookers

The rice cooker and slow cooker may share the same “set it and forget it” ease that makes them a favorite for home cooks, but these two small appliances have some very distinct differences. The most important being the type of heat each creates, which effects how they’re used and the types of food that can be cooked in them [...]

The Steamy Side of Rice Cookers

It may be called a rice cooker, but it's really a kitchen must-have with multiple functions that stretch far beyond grains.  Depending on the model you buy, your rice cooker could do everything from cooking a simple rice dish to making a hot, hearty breakfast of steel cut oats or cooking a tortilla soup for dinner. But even with the most basic rice cooker models, there’s an often overlooked steamy side that will keep this small appliance in regular rotation.

Slow Cooker Sunday: Plan the Perfect Big Game Party

It might not be an official holiday, but the big game has definitely become a tradition that calls for a party. Whether your friends and family are gathering together to witness football history, see the latest commercials, or checkout the half-time show, they’re also there for one other thing: the food. [...]

Bake, Broil & Toast: 42 Recipes You Can Make in a Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens (also known as countertop ovens) are great for small-batch recipes—you can quickly cook up a sheet pan dinner for two of chicken thighs with roasted root vegetables, or freeze your favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough and bake a few at a time so they are hot and fresh out of the oven every time you have a craving. There are so many delicious dishes you can bake, broil or toast in one, that we decided to round up some of our favorite dishes you may not know you can make in a toaster oven. [...]

Deep Fryers: Expert Tips From Our Test Kitchen

Fresh fried chicken with a crackling crust and tender interior. A lightly fried apple fritter with a satisfyingly sweet crunch. The perfect French fry that’s crispy and dark golden brown. Whatever your deep fried desire may be, our Test Kitchen has the expert tips that will help make any fried food you fancy a reality. [...]

How To Create the Ultimate Breakfast Bar

You’ve pulled out the extra linens, cleaned the house from top to bottom and even made your kids bunk up together – all so your guests can have a great overnight stay. But what about breakfast in the morning? Leave it to your visitors, while still being hospitable [...]

Infographic: Fun Facts About Ice Cream

Which is the most popular flavor – vanilla or mint chocolate? Find this fun fact, recipes and more in this sweet infographic [...]


Infographic: Fast Facts On Coffee Consumption

Get the cup-by-cup stats on coffee, including coffee sales per year, which gender drinks the most, and which country loves a good Cup O’ Joe the most [...]


Infographic: Breakfast Around the World

See what the world’s favorite wake-up meals are – you might be surprised at some of the dishes [...]

Infographic: Basics of Juicing

From what to juice and why, learn about the benefits of this refreshing approach to healthy living [...]

Professional Blenders: Top 5 Reasons to Go Pro

It's no wonder that professional-grade blenders have become a staple in the home kitchen. These workhorses are packed with power and durability, so you can juice whole fruits and vegetables, puree hot soups, emulsify dressings and grind spreads [...]

How to Clean & Store Fresh Summer Berries

The sweetness of summertime berries is worth waiting all winter for, and they’re the perfect addition to so many recipes, or just eaten by the handful. So how do you make them last and prevent moldy disappointments? It starts with [...]

Soda Jerks: A Lingo All Their Own

Inspired as a nickname for the soda clerk who operated soda fountains as late as the 1950s, the “Soda Jerk” title was inspired by the jerking action a server used to swing the soda fountain handle back and forth when adding soda water to a fountain beverage. They prepared milkshakes and other treats [...]

9 Top Rice Recipes + Rice Cooker Basics

A rice cooker is a foolproof way to get perfectly cooked rice with minimal effort. It eliminates that undercooked crunch or even worse, the overcooked mush that can happen on the stovetop. Plus, it has the same set-and-forget ease of a slow cooker – simply measure out your ingredients, place them in the cooker [...]

DIY Holiday: How to Make Gift Sets for Coffee Lovers

If you’re a true coffee lover, it’s hard to resist those prepackaged coffee gift sets in abundance during the holidays. With great syrups and beans from a local roaster, they can be [...]

DIY Holidays: Thanksgiving Iron-On Napkins

Add a personal note of gratitude to your Thanksgiving table this year with our DIY Napkin Iron-On. It’s simple and can be done well in advance of the big day. Easy step-by-step instruction are detailed below [...]

Juicing vs. Blending

Figuring out whether a juicer or a blender would best suit your lifestyle (and kitchen) doesn’t have to be so confusing. Juicers and blenders are both great ways to add more nutrition to your diet, but there are some key differences [...]

Bread Making 101

No baking experience is necessary to use a bread maker, and most breads consist of just five main ingredients: liquid, flour, salt, yeast, and sweetener [...]

Top 12 Hand Mixer Recipes + Mixer Basics

If you are looking to replace a mixer or are just starting to supply your kitchen with the appliances you need, you may be wondering why you might choose a hand mixer, stand mixer or both [...]

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

Drink Mixers: Milkshakes, Malts and More

We’ve been mixing things up at Hamilton Beach for over 100 years! In 1911, our original drink mixer created quite the sensation making malts for eager customers in drugstore fountains across America. Throughout the early twentieth century, our drink mixers were busy [...]

Ice Cream Makers 101: A Guide to Frozen Treats

Whether you’re sweltering through summer or just looking for a sweet treat, no excuse is needed to indulge in delicious frozen treats. It’s easy to get out your ice cream maker and mix up a batch of your favorite ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt [...]

The Vacuum Sealer Trifecta: How to Save Money, Time and Space

Don’t throw away another piece of food – save it for later by vacuum-sealing it. A vacuum sealer quickly takes the air out of a bag and then heat seals it, creating an airtight, permanent seal that preserves freshness and prevents freezer burn.  There are multiple ways [...]

Slow Cookers 101: Savings & Safety

A slow cooker is energy efficient. Not only does it cook with contained heat, but it only uses as much power as one and a half 100 watt light bulbs. So, even if you use it for 8 hours, energy costs are minimal. And, unlike having the oven on, a slow cooker won’t heat up your kitchen [...]

Slow Cookers 101: Guide to Converting Recipes

Slow cooking is adaptable to a wide variety of recipes. Because slow cookers use low cooking temperatures and retain moisture during the cooking process, any recipe that requires cooking something “low and slow” can easily convert to a slow cooker recipe with a few easy adjustments [...]

Slow Cookers 101: How Slow Cooking Works

A slow cooker works by transferring the heat it creates in the base up toward the bottom of the crock. This heat then spreads to the sides of the crock and cooks the food inside. For most cookers, you would choose the low setting for meats such as a roast or pork shoulder. This setting puts out less heat, but the heat is sufficient to safely cook the food at the right temperature [...]

Slow Cookers 101: Guide to the Basics

The beauty of a slow cooker is in its simplicity. Unlike most small appliances, a slow cooker allows for unattended use. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who work during the day, but still want a home-cooked meal for their family. Slow Cookers are composed of a base, vessel and a lid [...]

Ironing Out the Differences: Picking the Best Iron

Whether it’s a hand-me-down iron from your parents, a gift when you went off to college, or a quick purchase you haven’t thought a lot about since, replacing your iron probably isn’t something that’s in the forefront of your mind. The truth is, you want the iron to get the job done and you may not actively think about all the improvements that have been made in the ironing world [...]

The Ultimate Ironing Guide: Ironing Instructions for Your Specific Fabric Type

Every fabric is different and may need special treatment. The label inside clothing or linens should recommend fabric care instructions that include ironing recommendations. Generally, if the fabric is a blend, use a low temperature setting. If you don’t know what the fabric is made out of, use the lowest temperature first and test on an inside seam [...]

The Ultimate Ironing Guide: Prepping Your Clothes for Ironing

Before you pick up the first item from the pile of ironing to be tackled, be sure your clothes, linens, curtains, etc. are cleaned properly so you don’t risk setting any stains that may be present. Read your garment care or other care labels before you begin to identify instructions specific to your item as every fabric is different and could have special care instructions [...]

The Ultimate Ironing Guide: Before You Get Out Your Iron

Before you can start making progress on the likely mile high pile of laundry you are staring at, you will need to dig your ironing board out of whatever dark place you have been storing it. Whether you hang it off the back of your closet door, keep it in a special ironing board cabinet, or store it deep in the back of your darkest closet, bring your ironing board out of hibernation [...]

The Ultimate Ironing Guide: Top 5 Ironing Tips

While your “to do” list may have many chores you’d like to avoid, few seem to be more disliked than ironing. It’s a chore that tends to incite procrastination, and there are dozens of tricks people have tried to avoid ironing, such as [...]

The Best Spiralizer Guide: Healthy Cooking Made Easy

Spiralizing fresh vegetables is a great way to incorporate more healthy ingredients into your family’s diet. Here we've rounded up everything you need to know about spiralizing from selecting your spiralizer to delicious, nutritious recipes you can spiralize now [...]

Top 5 Golden Rules of Easy Deep Frying

There's a reason deep frying is such a popular cooking method. It’s the best way to get food crispy and delicious on the outside, while still tender and juicy on the inside. Never mind the fact you can deep fry almost anything, from buttermilk chicken to dill pickles to candy bars [...]

Apple Tips: How to Pick the Best of the Barrel

From a quick, healthy snack, to a pork roast side dish, to a classic apple pie – it’s not hard to put your crop of apples to good use. We’ve put together our best tips, and a breakdown of varieties and how to use them, so you can enjoy an apple or two a day [...]

The Heated Debate: Slow Cookers vs. Rice Cookers

The rice cooker and slow cooker may share the same “set it and forget it” ease that makes them a favorite for home cooks, but these two small appliances have some very distinct differences. The most important being the type of heat each creates, which effects how they’re used and the types of food that can be cooked in them [...]

Easy Halloween Recipes & DIY Ideas

it's the season of tricks and treats – a time of the year when scary is fun, and candy becomes a main food group. There are so many creative ways to bring the Halloween spirit to life with themed foods and crafts. We’ve put together a few of our favorite suggestions that don’t require any hocus pocus [...]

Sous Vide 101: What is Sous Vide

Sous vide is a cooking method that restaurant chefs have used for years because it’s an easy, no-fail way to get consistently perfect results and hold food at a precise temperature until you’re ready for it [...]

Frozen to Fabulous: Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches

Let's face it – the morning routine typically involves a lot of hustling and bustling to get out the door, which means breakfast is either a regrettable choice or doesn’t happen at all. But these make-ahead breakfast sandwiches will change your life…or at least your morning routine [...]

The Total Turkey Guide: How to Carve a Turkey

You’ve brined, trussed, seasoned, stuffed, cooked, and now your perfect turkey sits in front of you. It looks so amazing you really don’t want to touch it. Hence, turkey troubles arise. Guests are waiting, your family is hungry, but you’re stuck. After all, carving the turkey messes up the presentation [...]

Top Test Kitchen Tips For Delicious Turkey

Make sure your frozen turkey is fully defrosted. For a whole turkey, allow 24 hours for every 4-5 pounds. For a turkey breast, allow 1-2 days. It is important to keep the turkey cold while it’s thawing; the refrigerator method is easiest [...]

The Total Turkey Guide: How to Take a Turkey's Temperature

You’ve brined, stuffed and trussed the turkey, but the hardest part is still to come: taking it out of the oven at the perfect time. The best way to ensure your holiday bird is cooked to perfection is to use a meat thermometer. Checking the temperature while your turkey is cooking will help you know when it’s just right for serving. Just follow these three easy steps [...]

Easy as Pie: How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust

When it comes to a homemade pie, what's on the outside matters just as much what’s on the inside. A perfectly golden homemade pie crust sets the stage for the whole dessert. Here are some expert tips from our test kitchen for each step—or should we say piece—of the pie process [...]


The Total Turkey Guide: Top 10 Tips For a Flawless Thanksgiving

Not all great cooks need a recipe, but they all need a list. From groceries to a prep list to an oven schedule, write it all down. You’ll never wake up wondering what needs to be done and when. Keep a list and have a plan for a flawless Thanksgiving [...]

DIY Holiday: Gift Sets For Food Lovers

If you're a true food lover, it’s hard to resist those prepackaged gift sets decking every store in abundance during the holidays. Filled everything from coffee syrups and beans from a local roaster to gourmet tomato sauce and wine, they can be [...]

How to Pick the Best Coffee Maker

Drinking the best home-brewed coffee starts with choosing the right coffee maker. We’ve rounded up our top tips to guide you through the process and help you decide which kind of brewer will meet your needs [...]

Spiralizer Basics + Foods You Can Spiralize

Spiralizing is simpler than it may sound. It’s turning firm vegetables and fruits into long strands that look like noodles using a specific tool – the spiralizer. From restaurant chefs to parents of picky eaters, spiralizing has become a popular method of adding fresh vegetables and fruits into a variety of dishes in a fun way [...]

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