Ironing Out the Differences: Picking the Best Iron

The Ultimate Ironing Guide: Picking the Best Iron Mobile - The Ultimate Ironing Guide: Picking the Best Iron

Whether it’s a hand-me-down iron from your parents, a gift when you went off to college, or a quick purchase you haven’t thought a lot about since, replacing your iron probably isn’t something that’s in the forefront of your mind. The truth is, you want the iron to get the job done and you may not actively think about all the improvements that have been made in the ironing world over the last few (or many) years since yours was new(er).

So what's changed since you've been slogging through that pile of laundry? In two words - a lot.

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The soleplate of your iron matters- it’s the piece that actually makes contact with your clothes and can make a significant difference in your ironing experience depending on your needs.

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Prepping Your Clothes for Ironing >
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Ironing Out the Differences: Picking the Best Iron


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